Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up – January 11th-17th

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you.  It’s awesome when you finally start feeling well again after a lengthy illness!


I made a delicious Burgess brunch after church.  This is asparagus, red onion, and mushrooms sautéed with butter and spiral ham, then stirred into Hollandaise sauce and served over fluffy eggs and buttered English muffins.  Yum!


It’s something I came up with as a way to use up leftover ham after Thanksgiving, but it has stuck with us as a nice weekend treat whenever there is spiral ham around.


I spent all day Friday prepping for Holden’s birthday party on Saturday.  Haylee and I spent a good portion of 8 hours making a variety of cake pops rolled in melted chocolate and sprinkled with nonpareils and jimmies.  I made over 100 of them!

Saturday was the big day.  Holden’s 7th birthday party had a Spiderman theme.  I got lazy at the last minute and decided not to draw Spiderman on his cake.  Instead, I grabbed one of the table decorations and stuck it on top of his cake and called it done!  LOL.  Holden actually loved it because he said it looked like Spiderman was jumping out of his cake!  Sounds good to me…


Here’s Holden as we sang Happy Birthday to him. 

We had such a nice group of friends over, and it seemed like just the right amount of children…not to noisy or out of control.  I bought a small corn hole game for the kids to play inside since it was super cold, and later, the younger kids did a treasure hunt that was really fun for them.  Mr. Bob and Ms. Bunny got Holden a year of monthly treasure hunts from Clued In Kids for his birthday, so this was the first one we received.  The kids loved it!  My camera battery went dead right in the middle of the hunt, so I recorded it in two parts.


Here are some great shots of Holden opening gifts and of our treasured guests:

DSCF4021 DSCF4022 DSCF4024 DSCF4025  DSCF4026 DSCF4027DSCF4028 DSCF4029

It was a wonderful party!  The neighbor kids stayed for a long time and played with Haylee and Holden, and I let Hayden invite a couple of his teenage friends from school, too, so he’d have some kids his age to hang out with.  Everyone had such a good time.  It’s always nice to have good friends over to celebrate!


That’s a wrap!  We’ve survived another holiday season, complete with 3 family birthdays in the mix.  Now we get a nice lull full of other things until the annual Burgess Birthday Bash in August. 

See you next week!