Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up – February 8th-14th

Happy Hearts Day!


On Tuesday, we got to have the pleasure of visiting with my dear nephew, George, whom I affectionately call Georgie!  He is in the Air Force stationed in Portugal, but he came home on leave for 2 weeks, and I had him over for dinner one night.  I wish our schedule hadn’t been so busy so we could have visited more, but it was great getting together.

DSCF4091DSCF4092 DSCF4093

My kids have a LOT of cousins, but George is nearly the only one they know well enough to look forward to seeing him.  Don’t you just love that smile?  He’s a booger, but I love him anyway.


On Thursday, I hosted another Cookie Exchange, this time for Valentine’s.  Any excuse to bake and eat cookies, right?!? By the time it was over, we decided we would have another cookie exchange for St. Patrick’s Day!  Why not?


Everybody had a great time, and we drank lots of hot chocolate.  My friends Valentyna, Micka, and Melissa came over.  Gina was supposed to come, but her daughter wasn’t feeling well.  This time, everybody hung out for the whole afternoon, and I dashed out to pick Hayden up from school so he could visit with Micka’s son, Xevier.  They’ve grown up together, but Hayden doesn’t get to see him as often now that he’s in public school and Xevier is still homeschooled.  They always enjoy visiting!


Early on Saturday morning, Hayden left on a school field trip for the annual Leadership Conference in Williamsburg.  He didn’t come back until Sunday.  He was delighted to be selected to go again this year.  I, however, was a bit melancholy about not having him around to celebrate Valentine’s.  I saved him lots of goodies, though, and got him a big box of his favorite Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries with the liquid centers. 

I made goodie bags for each of the kids, filled with all of their favorites treats and snacks.  Haylee and Holden had a good time going through their bags to see what they got.  They had decorated the bags themselves as an art project for school the previous week, so I just stuck their treats inside.


I made everyone a nice Valentine’s brunch.  Too bad Hayden had to miss out on this part of the celebration!

 DSCF4096 DSCF4097

Who wouldn’t love a ham and cheese omelet, Belgian waffle topped with syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream, a freshly baked Cinnabon cinnamon roll, and bacon with a glass of pineapple orange juice?  Yum!


It was a pretty great week, all in all.  I just missed my baby, that’s all.  But he’ll have Monday off from school for President’s Day, so at least I’ll still get to spend some time catching up with him about his weekend before he goes back to school again.

See ya next week!