Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – September 14th-20th

School is well under way for everyone I know!  How’s it going for your family?


For art, Holden got to pick out an old matchbox car and roll the wheels in different colors of poster paint.  I took a little video to show you how much fun it was.

I gave him a pad of easel paper, and he drove the car all over it to create his masterpiece!  He loved this, and his sister joined in before it was all through!


My dogs got another BarkBox in the mail.  This one was pretty cool!


They got a rope pull toy with tennis balls and streamers on either end.  Lilly, my big lab, chewed off one of the tennis balls before the day was over, but she had lots of fun with it!  And then the dogs played tug of war plenty after that.  Even Steve had fun tugging with her!  They also got some wonderful-smelling pieces of bacon, a duck chew stick, some sweet potato chips, and a crinkly squeaky toy.  The dogs loved everything, though Lilly had to warm up to the sweet potato chips!  LOL


Friday brought us to Talk Like a Pirate Day!  So we printed out a starter kit for pirate gear from the Krispy Kreme website and made hooks, eye patches, and flags, and then we picked Hayden up at school and headed off to Krispy Kreme!


Here we are with our pile of 4 dozen donuts!  You got that right…one dozen free glazed doughnuts for every person dressed like a pirate!


Don’t worry…we didn’t eat them all ourselves!  We kept one dozen for us, and then we took a dozen the next morning to share with each of the kids’ soccer teams at their 2-hour practice.  They were a big hit with everyone!  ARGH!  :)

On Saturday morning, I took Hayden out to Chesapeake for his first cross-country invitational competition.  He was running in the B-race along with his best friend, Antonio Perez.  Here they are, just a tad nervous, right before their race!


I waited at the finish line and caught Hayden in the photo just as he crossed the finish line!  As you can see, his finishing time for 3.1 miles was 24 minutes 54 seconds.  He was very proud of that, because his goal was to do it in about 28 minutes.  They did great!  His friend, Antonio, finished just a few seconds behind him.  They kept each other paced.


Great job, Green Run!  Then we were off to catch the remainder of the 2-hour soccer practice that was already underway.  It was a busy day!  He was pretty exhausted by that night.


I’ve been so busy running the kids around to all these practices and events that my head is starting to spin!  I really dislike being overscheduled.  I hate feeling like there’s never time to just sit down and take a breath.  I guess it will be this way until November when both cross-country and soccer seasons come to an end.  It can’t go by fast enough for me!