Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – August 31st – September 6th

Public School is now in session in Virginia! 


To finish off our Labor Day Weekend, we spent another afternoon on the last day of summer bowling after church.  As if we didn’t have enough fun yesterday, we returned to play much better than the day before.


Here is my best game ever!  That felt pretty darn good, I must say.  I went on to actually beat Steve once, as well.  That was even better! LOL


Here’s Hayden on the first day of school, the day after Labor Day.  I told him I needed to snap a picture as he got out.  He was a good sport the first time, but when I told him I thought he blinked and needed to do it again, you see the face I got!


LOL.  It turned out he hadn’t blinked after all, but it was worth it just to have him give me that look!  :)  He was really excited to be getting back to school.  He’s looking forward to another great year at Green Run Collegiate School.


In our homeschool, we were starting week 8, just as Hayden was starting day 1.  Because we’re back to getting up at 6 AM, we’re on a more regimented schedule with our homeschool, too, so that we can pick Hayden up at either 2:10 PM when school lets out or at 4:30 PM when he finishes cross-country practice.  So in that way, it feels like the first day of school for us, too!


Here’s the assortment of books I’m reading with Holden right now.  Owls in the Family is one that’s new to Sonlight’s Core B since I last did it with Haylee, and we’re really enjoying it.  Since I do all of the cores 3 times over by the time all the kids go through them, I really look forward to the upgrading each time so I can get at least a few new books in the mix.

I have to say that our homeschool day has gone much smoother this week with everyone on a consistent routine.  It hasn’t been bad at all!


As a result of finishing early, I was able to take the kids to Hunt Club Farm before Hayden got out of school so that Haylee and Holden could enjoy chasing and catching some chickens in the chicken coop! 

  20140903_145340 20140903_145349

That’s their favorite activity to do at the farm, for sure.  It was really hot on this particular day, as evidenced by their red faces, so we not only had slushes from Sonic on the way there, but we went out for ice cream once we picked up Hayden and his best friend, Antonio, from school.


That’s a wrap!  Not a bad beginning to the school year at all.  Hayden had a great week, though it took them the whole week to finally issue lockers, and our homeschool got into a nice rhythm. 

How well did your school year kick off?