Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – August 24th – 30th

August is now at an end.  Say it isn’t so!  Next week means Hayden goes back to school, and unfortunately, this week meant we were all scheduled to be off together having all kinds of fun, but instead were holed up at home with the plague!  Thanks, Steve, for bringing back that gift from Michigan.  :(


I was shopping at a thrift store early in the week and stumbled upon this beautiful American Kennel Club dog bed for just $7 in like-new condition!


Needless to say, Teenie was immediately in love with it, and she has taken to crashing hard on it every chance she gets!  She’s such an spoiled and pampered princess.  This bed’s swirly softness is like no other bed I’ve ever bought.  It suits her to a T!


I sent Hayden out to mow the lawn and then ran out to get milk before I had to take him to his school for Cross-Country practice. When I came home, he greeted me in the driveway and said he’d done something really, really bad to the house.  I said it was time to go, and maybe he shouldn’t tell me, but he said he had to.


He said he was mowing and came upon a large stick that was in the way, so instead of moving it, he picked it up and tried to hurtle it over my 2-story house.  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense in a teenager’s brain, apparently.  Needless to say, he fell short and instead, smashed a giant hole in my bedroom window!  It cracked all the way to the bottom.  Sheesh!  I was pretty darn hoppin’ mad, obviously.  We custom-ordered our windows about 14 years ago.  This is a fixed picture window.  Thankfully, it’s double-pane, and the stick only broke the outer pane.  But that means we have to get this fixed ASAP before it rains and starts building up water between the panes. 

I swear, it’s always something.  I really needed something else completely unnecessary to spend money on.  Good move.  :(


Steve decided to take Hayden and Holden to a Green Run High School football game on Friday night, so I decided to take Haylee to the movies.


We had dinner and saw The Purge: Anarchy at Cinema Cafe.  We’d recently rented the first one to watch, so she was excited to see it.  It had a much better storyline than the first one and actually had some good teachable moments in it.  We had good discussions on the way home about the importance of letting go of vengeful feelings and such.  We had a fun girls’ night!


Now that we were all emerging from our fog of illness, we decided to get out on our final weekend before public school begins and do some family activities.  We opted for the final weekend of summer bowling at AMF!  The kids bowl free, and I’d paid $40 for a parent pass, but I only went once this summer, and Steve hadn’t gone at all.  I managed to get used bowling shoes for all of us big people, so I just had to pay shoe rental fees on the two youngest.

DSCF2210 DSCF2211  DSCF2209 DSCF2212

We got to play 3 games, and we had so much fun that we’re thinking about going back on Sunday after church!  I’m always happy if I can break 100, and I did that on the first game at least, so I was happy.  We all had a blast.  It didn’t do my injured Achilles tendon any favors, but I managed to hobble on and off the alley, one way or another. LOL


On Saturday afternoon, the used XBox 360 E that I got off Ebay finally arrived.  They forgot to ship us the 2 games and the Kinect that was supposed to come with it, but they promised to ship it next week.  $150 shipped wasn’t too bad for all that!  It’s only a year old.


The kids and Steve were pretty excited.  We decided to switch systems since it appears most of the 3rd party game companies will not be coming out with new games for the Wii U any more.  Disappointing, to say the least.  They got it all hooked up, and the boys took a trip to Cash Converters and Gamestop to find a couple of games to get them started.  They loved it!


There are only a couple of days of fun left to our Labor Day weekend, and I hope we can make the most of it.  What did you do for this final celebration of summer?