Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – June 29th-July 5th

Happy Independence Day!


Early in the week, we managed to slip out to Ocean Breeze Water Park for another fun-filled afternoon.  It’s always a hit for all of us!



Our family has always had a tradition to go see a Tides game at Harbor Park on the eve of the 4th of July.  Afterwards, Harbor Park does a fireworks show launched from a boat in the harbor.  There was not only a chance of rain, but Hurricane Arthur was headed through in the overnight!  We weren’t quite sure what to expect, so we got seats under the awning, just in case.  Miraculously, the rain managed to hold off, and the fireworks went off as scheduled.

I brought some snacks in my purse, including extra-long Slim Jims.  Hayden had the Flamin’ Hot variety.  He tried it first and then passed it to Haylee to try.  As you can see, they both required lots of beverage consumption afterwards!  LOL


There was also a visit from the Tides’ mascot, Rip Tide.  I took Haylee and Holden down to meet him.  Rip Tide took Haylee’s had off, smelled it, and then pretended to be sick!  LOL  She was laughing so hard.  He’s a trip!


The Tides game was AWESOME, and we had a fabulous time…made even more so because the Tides won in the last inning!


The fireworks were rather boring this year, so we were looking forward to the Virginia Beach fireworks, which were postponed to Saturday, July 5th due to the imminence of Hurricane Arthur. 


July 4th passed with absolutely nothing going on in town because of the postponements from the storm, even though it turned out not to be much of anything for us here.  But it was a bit breezier than usual, so it was probably safer to do the fireworks on Saturday anyway.  In any case, we started off Saturday morning with a kids’ building workshop at Home Depot.  Haylee and Holden got to make a bug house.  They love painting stuff, so they had a really good time.  Fun!



Then on Saturday night, we headed out to our special spot in a local parking lot that gives us a perfect view of the Mount Trashmore fireworks without all the chaos of actually going to Mount Trashmore.  We popped up some popcorn, took along some snaps for the kids’ to play with, and lots of portable chairs.  Steve and I hung out in the van with our iPads while the kids played with the snaps, and then about an hour later, the fireworks show began!  We have to go early to get a good spot in the lot.  Our special spot has caught on over the years!  And because of the hurricane passing through the day before, the weather was unseasonably cool and pleasant, very much unlike past years.  I dare say it was even a little chilly out!


The show was absolutely incredible this year!  It totally made up for the wimpy fireworks we saw at Harbor Park.  They did some really neat stuff with special shapes (even a smiley face in the sky) and explosions inside of explosions!  The colors were absolutely beautiful.  Happy 4th!


I hope you all had an extra special celebration with your own families.  Share what you did!

Until next week…