Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – July 13th-19th

We’re really busy getting ourselves refocused on school again, so we didn’t get out for many activities this week.  How about your family?  Do you school year-round?


One day after school, we did manage to get out to Ocean Breeze Water Park on the hottest day of the week. We had so much fun this day! Anybody who knows me knows my intense fear of water. I never get my hair or face wet, and I never get water in my ears. But on this day, I got brave enough to put on a life jacket and not only float in the Adventure River on my back, but I also “swam” in the wave pool!


I’ve worn a life jacket before and floated on my back, but I’ve never allowed myself to lean forward on my belly, because I feel panicked at getting my face towards the water.  But I did it, and it was fun!  We had a fabulous time, and I conquered a life-long fear.  Yay!  Haylee and I celebrated by standing under the fountain in the wave pool and letting water pour over my head! 


Hayden and Steve started playing in an Ultimate Frisbee league, and they go twice a week…once in the sand at the oceanfront and once on the lawn at Regent University. They’ve been sore, but they are loving it!

Photo: Playing Ultimate @ Virginia Beach oceanfront

I think they’ve decided to keep this going as a regular thing. It’s good physical activity, good conditioning for our upcoming soccer season, and a nice opportunity to spend some father/son time, too.


On Saturday, Haylee and I drove out to pick up the Kids’ Box we ordered from One Harvest.  It’s been at least a couple of months since we last ordered, and we were really pleased with the contents this month!


I figured with Hayden at home for the summer, we could use some more quick-fix meals for breakfast and lunch in the house.  He’ll be turning 15 in August, and he’s somewhat of a vacuum these days when it comes to eating!

So for about $30, we got 8 sausage biscuits (which were delicious, by the way!), 4 Uncrustable sandwiches, 4 spicy chicken sandwiches, several packs of turkey lunchmeat, 2 Schwan’s Panino sandwiches, 4 Sarah Lee carrot cake slices, 4 small Angus cheeseburgers, 4 burritos, 2 bags of chicken nuggets, a box of absolutely delicious 100-calorie oatmeal raisin cookies, a box of crunchy granola bars, and a box of grits (the only thing we won’t use, which I gave to my neighbor).


Nothing to exciting going on this week!  We’ve had so much rain and thunderstorms lately that it’s been hard to make any plans for after school.  Typical summer weather here!

See you next week!