Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – June 22nd-28th

July is just around the corner!  The summer seems to be flying by already.  This week was out of the normal routine, so it was a bit odd, but we adjusted.


I decided to have the younger kids do school this week because Hayden was asked by a friend to do some volunteer work at her Classical Conversations convention.  Hayden will need 50 service hours for 10th grade (a requirement of the IB program), and whatever he does this summer will count towards that, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for him to get in 24 hours right off the bat.  He spent Monday-Wednesday there assisting the camp instructors and supervising groups of children while the parents were in the convention.  He stayed late, too, and helped off the clock.  He had very long, full days, but he said he had a really great time and enjoyed it a lot. 

They needed more teen volunteers, so I contacted the IB Coordinator at his school and had them send out an email announcement to his classmates as an opportunity to fulfill some of their own volunteer hours, and several of them showed up and helped for at least one or two of the days, so that worked out great for all involved. 


Early on Monday morning, the new pediatric dentist called and said they had a cancellation for first thing on Tuesday morning, so I went ahead and took the appointment for Holden to get some of his dental work done.  Here he is as we headed out that morning!


After a quick consultation, the dentist and I agreed to tackle the active infection first, so they went ahead and took a mold of his teeth so they could get the space maintainer made, and then she gassed him up with nitrous oxide and got to work.  She gave him plenty of injections to make sure he was good and numb, filled the cavity in his 2nd molar on that side, and then extracted his first molar that we’d already had a baby root canal and multiple fillings on.  I can’t say I was sad to see it go.  He’s had nothing but problems with it, and it bleeds every time I brush and floss his teeth.  I was impressed at how well he did!  She was very gentle, and it came out pretty fast without any problems.  The gas kept him from gagging while all that equipment was in his mouth, and he wasn’t scared at all. 

Now we wait for another cancellation so he can get the root canal and stainless steel crown done on his upper molar on the other side.  This dentist is so great with him!  The whole staff is so friendly and great with kids.  I’m really thinking of just switching Holden to this dentist permanently. 


Of course, with the unexpected dental appointment and subsequent recovery, Holden got a day behind on his school work.  I’m sure that while we’re off next week with Hayden, I’ll be struggling to get him to finish that one day of work since he’ll be the only one with pending schoolwork to be done.  Sigh.


That’s a wrap!  I’m looking forward to the 4th of July holiday.  It’s great that it falls on Friday this year!  That will give us a nice long weekend with Steve for a change, and that will be very cool.