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Homeschooling on a Dime? FREE Resources

Over the years, I’ve compiled lists of some pretty great FREE materials you can print out from online sources, or use online in some cases.  Take a look around and see what kinds of wonderful resources can bless your homeschool and help you teach what needs to be taught without breaking the bank!

Our Country's Regions********************

McGraw-Hill Social Studies Workbooks, Grades 1-6 

McGraw-Hill Spelling AND Grammar Workbooks, Grades K-6

McGraw-Hill Pre-Algebra Practice Workbook Series

McGraw-Hill Algebra I Workbook Series for a variety of skills, and if you look down the left-hand side, you’ll see quizzes, tests, and self-check quizzes, as well!

McGraw-Hill/Glencoe Grammar & Language Workbooks for Grades 6-12 plus SAT Prep

McGraw-Hill Math Connects:  Concept, Skills, and Problem Solving, Course 1, also with quizzes and tests on the left-hand side (grades 6-8)

Math Connects: Course 2 Practice Workbook (grades 6-8)

Math Connects:  Course 3 Workbook Series (grades 6-8)

McGraw-Hill Algebra 2 Practice Workbook Series

Glencoe Geometry Workbooks

Glencoe Algebra I Workbook Series

Interactive Online Workbook in the Fundamentals of Music…click a chapter on the left and follow the instructions.  I believe this is grade 11.

Media Writer’s Handbook Workbook (with self-quizzes on the left-hand side)

Science:  A Closer Look (2010) Workbooks, grades 1-6

Career Plan Project Workbook (very useful for high school students…includes planning pages for high school, college, and career)

Glencoe Impact Mathematics, Course 1 Workbook

Glencoe Grammar and Language Arts Workbooks for grades 6-12

Glencoe High School Math Workbooks


Glencoe Spelling Power Workbooks:

          Grade 6  

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Glencoe Vocabulary Power Workbooks:

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


And here are the main lists I’ve used for years…it took me a lot of time to compile these comprehensive lists of the ISBN #’s for student textbook that go along with the free printable workbooks.  The links to the workbook lists are at the end of each list of textbook #s.  The best way to get the cheapest price for the student textbooks is by going to and searching on the ISBN #.  After you enter your zip code one time, it will give you the lowest price including shipping.  When you combine a really cheap textbook with a free workbook, you can truly homeschool for next to nothing.  And the quality of these books is wonderful!



Social Studies, Grade 1, People and Places

Student Textbook        002149262X
Teacher’s Edition         0021492727
Social Studies, Grade 2, We Live Together
            Student Textbook          0021492638
Teacher’s Edition           0021492735
Social Studies, Grade 3, Our Communities
Student Textbook          0021492646
Teacher’s Edition           0021492743
Social Studies, Grade 4, Our Country’s Regions
Student Textbook          0021492654
Teacher’s Edition           0021492751
Social Studies, Grade 5, Our Nation
Student Textbook          0021492670
Teacher’s Edition           0021492778 (Volume 1)
Assessment Book         0021495467
Social Studies, Grade 6, Our World
Student Textbook          0021492689
Teacher’s Edition           0021492794 (Volume 1) 0021492816 (Volume 2)
Assessment Book         0021493359

Planning Resources
Grade K
Big Book 0153383054     
Teacher’s Edition           0153375310     

Grade 1
            Student Textbook          0153375248
            Teacher’s Edition           0153375337

Grade 2

          Student Textbook          0153375256
          Teacher’s Edition           0153375345

Grade 3
            Student Textbook          0153375264
            Teacher’s Edition           0153375353

Grade 4
            Student Textbook          0153375272
            Teacher’s Edition           0153375361

Grade 5
            Student Textbook          0153375299
            Teacher’s Edition           015337537X

Grade 6
            Student Textbook          0153375302
            Teacher’s Edition           0153375388

(Select the grade level from the “Activity Book” drop-down menu)


Grade 4
Grade K
Student Textbook 0022446486 (PB)     
Teacher’s Edition           0022446605     


Grade 1
            Student Textbook          0022446494 (PB)
            Teacher’s Edition           0022446613

Grade 2
          Student Textbook          0022454470
          Student Textbook          0022447083 (PB)
          Teacher’s Edition           0022454489

Grade 3
            Student Textbook          0022446524
            Teacher’s Edition           002244663X

Grade 4
            Student Textbook          0022446532
            Teacher’s Edition           0022446648
            Student Workbook         0022447512

Grade 5
            Student Textbook          0022446540
            Teacher’s Edition           0022446656

Grade 6
            Student Textbook          0022446559
            Teacher’s Edition           0022446664


I have not looked up the ISBN #’s for the middle and high school textbooks yet, but here is the link to the free printable workbooks.




Grade 1
            Student Textbook          0022800344
Grade 5

Grade 2
          Student Textbook          0022800352

Grade 3
            Student Textbook          0022800360

Grade 4
            Student Textbook          0022800379
            Student Workbook        0022802614

Grade 5
            Student Textbook          0022800387

Grade 6
            Student Textbook          0022800395

(Username and Password are both “technology”)


Over 400 FREE History Videos for Kids!!!

History Videos for KidsIn clicking around on the internet, I stumbled upon this wonderful resource for over 400 FREE history videos for kids from Brookdale House! 

Pretty cool!  And they are catalogued by time periods, so it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for.  This could be a great way to supplement your history studies! 

The categories include:

  • Ancient History
  • Medieval History
  • Early Modern History
  • Modern History

Thank you, Brookdale House! 


That just about wraps up my list so far.  I hope all of my research blesses you and helps you to homeschool on a dime!