Wednesday, July 25, 2018

REVIEW: Smart Kidz Radio by Smart Kidz Media

We’ve enjoyed our past experiences with Smart Kidz Media, so I was happy to review their all-new Smart Kidz Radio!


Smart Kidz Radio is an online streaming radio service targeted at children ages 2-10.  It offers wholesome, ad-free programming that is intended to communicate positive character traits, strong moral values, and build self-esteem. 

Best of all, this membership service is FREE!  If you want to upgrade your membership to include additional on-demand programming, you can get a monthly subscription for $3.99/month or an annual subscription for $39.  But you can start by trying out the on-demand content with a 14-day free trial!  You’ll get hundreds of additional stories and songs in a variety of categories to include:

Song Programming

  • Early Learning Radio Program (Ages 2 – 4)
  • Good Behavior Skills Radio Program (Ages 3 – 6)
  • Living Skills Radio Program (Ages 4 – 10)
  • Survival Skills to Grow On Radio Program (Ages 6 – 10)
  • Bedtime Songs Radio Program (Ages 2 – 8)
  • All-Time Favorites Sing Along Songs Radio Program (Ages 4 – 10)
  • Relaxation from Stress Radio Program (Ages 4 – 10)
  • Favorite Christmas Carols and Songs (All ages)

Story Programming

  • Classic Fairy Tales
  • Not So Scary Tales
  • Grandpa Tyler’s Storytime
  • Best Loved Bible Stories
  • Favorite Christmas Stories
  • Peter Rabbit Tales

Since this is an online streaming radio service, your children can listen anytime, anywhere they have access to Wi-Fi on any device such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone.  Programming is rotated periodically and runs around the clock!


Holden is 10.5 years old, so he’s almost outside the recommended age range for this, but we still found some things to enjoy.  The live streaming radio content had a mix of children and adult voices singing the songs.  Songs are not traditional songs you’d recognize, but more like original content that communicates positive character traits and moral values to your children.  There was a variety of music styles from slow and peaceful to mariachi-sounding instruments accompanying the lyrics.  Although Holden couldn’t sing along and wasn’t particularly interested in the topics due to his age, he thought some of the music was catchy and didn’t mind listening to it.

We also tried out some of the podcasts, which were the on-demand style of content.  We could start those at any time and listen instantly.  He enjoyed those songs more, as they were more recognizable classic children’s songs, sometimes with a twist.  For instance, we listened to Itsy Bitsy Spider, and there were additional verses to the song that we’d never heard before that continued the story of the spider’s adventures in the rain!  That was kind of cool, and the sound effects that played between the lines of the song made it more interesting to listen to.  If I had much younger children, this would really be fun content to have!  There were also some traditional children’s stories there.  We listened to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Holden said he enjoyed the different character voices that were used and thought they were funny and added to his enjoyment of the story. 

Most of the stories were approximately 20 minutes in length, so they’d make great listening at bedtime if you don’t have time and opportunity to read to your children yourself.  The songs I saw were approximately 2-5 minutes in length.  The on-demand content that’s available now is minimal compared to what will soon be available!  Smart Kidz Media is expecting to add the full content any time now.  If I had small children, I think I would get more use out of the on-demand content than the streaming radio, largely because the stories are very nicely done, and I could choose to listen to them at my convenience rather than listening to whatever is randomly playing.

Overall, this is a nice service that’s easy to use, and every live streaming song communicates positive values to your children.  I understand they also intend to come out with apps very soon to make accessing the service even easier than using a browser.

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