Sunday, June 11, 2017

The House Is Officially Ours!

I’m so excited.  We finally had the closing for our new home on Friday!  There were some complications throughout the week.  On Monday, the sellers had a plumbing pressure test done to ensure no leaks had sprung due to the foundation repairs.  The report said there was a sewer leak!  Ugh.  But the owners said it was a young guy who sat in his truck and then came back after a while and said there was a problem, and they weren’t too confident about the results.  So they hired another more experienced company to come out on Thursday and scope out the line to look for a leak.

Turns out they couldn’t find a leak!  So that company did its own pressure test and said everything was fine.  The sellers had to pay $600 for that!  They said they were going to try to get their money back from the first company.  Crisis averted!

Then on Friday, Steve went in and signed the papers for us, and then the sellers went in a little bit later to sign their part.  Afterwards, I got both a text and a phone call from our realtor saying that the settlement sheet was wrong…they’d forgotten to adjust the amount of rent being collected from the sellers when the closing date changed from Monday to Friday, so they were overcharged by $140!  He said not to mention it to the lender or else they’d have to draw up a new settlement statement, and then there would be another disclosure period before we could close!  So everybody stayed mum on that, and we worked it out to give the money back to the sellers when they leave on the 20th.  Shew!  Another crisis averted.  I knew something was up, because the figure my loan officer gave me on the phone on Thursday for the wire transfer was more than what ended up on the settlement sheet, and the title company ended up refunding the difference to us at closing.  That explains it!

So now the house is officially ours!  I’m so excited.  We now technically own three homes.

Boxes #2Boxes

Now back to the real world…I still have to get out of the house I’m in!  The packing is an all-day, every day chore.  It’s only made possible by my dearest friend Micka and her son Xevier who have been selflessly coming every single day to chuck, pack, and clean with us.  I couldn’t have done it without them!  Yesterday, my watch counted over 19,000 steps inside my house!  My feet were killing me last night.  Today, we ended a very productive afternoon with a lovely steak dinner and dessert at the table with our friends in our very empty rec room.  The other doDumpster Exchange #1wnstairs rooms are packed with boxes!  The upstairs bedrooms are still a work in progress, and I’m still working in my laundry room and pantry.  Our second dumpster is completely full and overflowing, so I have to get that dumped and get a third dumpster tomorrow for the last of our discarded stuff.  I also have tons of furniture at the curb for special pickup next week.  I can’t believe all this “stuff” was in this house! 

I worked out a solution for the delivery of our household goods.  Our old preacher (the one who married us) who has now retired to Arizona gave us a tip about using UPack through ABF Movers.  He said it was super cheap and effective and that I should really check it out.  So I did.  Wow, was I surprised!  I’m getting a trailer delivered on Friday, and movers are coming to load the truck on Saturday.  Then we leave on Sunday, and the truck driver comes to pick up the trEmpty Back Roomailer on Monday after we’re gone.  He’ll deliver it between the 26th and 28th, so we’ll have no more than a week without our stuff once we get there.  The whole shebang is only costing us $4,300!  Still under our budget for relocation assistance from Steve’s new employer, and there are no charges by weight or distance.  That’s such a relief!  Now I can just drive my car while Hayden drives our van, and all we have to do is get ourselves there with our pets all in once piece.  Yay!  I was so worried about that whole process that I wasn’t sleeping well, but as soon as I got this set up with UPack, I slept like a baby.  Big relief!

Only 2 days left until Hayden’s graduation.  He had a great time at his prom on Friday night, too.  All these big things are happening right here at the end of our time here.  I had to say goodbye to all of my dear friends at church today.  That was hard.  Some of those people I’ve known for most of my life and are more family than friends.  I will miss them dearly.

Here’s to a productive week, and I’m hoping and praying that all of our stuff fits on that 28’ truck! 

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