Monday, June 5, 2017

In the Home Stretch…

Closing has officially been moved to Friday, June 9th. We’re getting close…that’s only 4 days away!  We’re so excited.

The appraisal came in on Friday for $289,000, and the sales price was $280,000, so that was good. 

The foundation work was completed on Thursday, and new measuremen4108 Toledo Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76133ts were taken afterwards.  Looks like most of the house is within the 1” allowable variance, but the master bedroom/bathroom area seems to have sunk just a bit more with a max difference of 2.3”.  That’s certainly more than I’d like to see, but I’m assuming the structural engineer was satisfied with the results.  The realtor went by to see it on Friday, and he said most of the cracks in the bricks around the windows outside have sealed themselves after the foundation adjustment, so that was good news, too.

All the pool mechanical pool repairs are done, and the arched window in the library that was cracked has been replaced. 

There was some wood rot in a strip of wood trim beside the garage, and that was replaced over the weekend.  The realtor trimmed back the hedges on Friday away from the house and sent pictures of those corrections to the termite inspector to sign off on, so that should be all good, too.

My insurance company sent a new declaration page to the underwriter, and she is reviewing the appraisal today, so we should be getting final approval any day now.  The policy had to be re-issued because of the change to the closing date.  4108 Toledo Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76133But in the process, we discovered an error on the application…the roof was replaced in 2016, not 2010, and that turned out to lower our insurance rate by over $400/yr., so that was especially good news!  Now it’s down to $2,825/yr.   The listing agent is working on getting proof of the replacement from the sellers so I can keep that reduced rate.  That should lower my monthly mortgage payment a bit.

Also, our realtor is rebating a quarter of his commission to us at closing, so that thankfully lowers our cash-to-close amount by $2,100.  That’s a big help!

So even with all the roadblocks we’ve had, we’re finally wrapping up the loose ends and getting this deal finished!  Steve is going to do the final walk-through either today or tomorrow to check for any new cracks or damage inside caused by the foundation adjustment.

On the downside of things, I finally got a moving estimate on Friday.  They were only going to pack my mom’s china and my dishes, and I had to pack everything else, and they would pick up on June 16th and not deliver until the 2nd week of July!  And for that, they wanted over $14,000!  I kid you not.  It was all I could do not to laugh hysterically!  I quickly informed them that I’d made other arrangements.  Geez.  Steve said we don’t even own $14,000 worth of stuff, and if that was the case, then we should put our clothes in the van and start fresh!  LOL

So I started looking at packing myself and renting a 26’ UHaul truck with a towing thing for my car.  Even adding on some handy equipment rental, packing materials for my televisions, and hiring a moving company to send 2 guys for 4 hours to load my truck, it still came out to less then $2,000.  Now that, I can live with!  So Hayden will drive our van with the big dog and Haylee, and he’ll follow me driving the truck with the little dog and Holden while towing the car.  Now before you ask if I can drive a 26’ truck towing a car, let me just say that I have a CDL and used to drive a 34’ school bus, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.

But now, I’m short on time.  I will pick up the truck on Friday, June 16th with plans to leave on Sunday, June 18th.  That leaves me with only 11 days left to pack up my entire house!  Ugh.  I’m definitely going to have to enlist some friends to help.  And all the while, Hayden still has 1 week of school left, his prom on Friday night, and his graduation next week on Tuesday, so that shortens things even more.  So if you’re a local friend and you’re reading this, please have mercy on me and help me pack!  LOL

And so the countdowns begin:

4 days until closing

8 days until graduation

11 days until the moving truck is here

13 days until we leave

16 days until we move into the house

Fort Worth, TX, here we come!

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