Monday, May 22, 2017

REVIEW: Thin Stix 6pk of Neon Colors by The Pencil Grip, Inc.

We’ve had so much fun with all types of Kwik Stix and Thin Stix in the past that Haylee was very much looking forward to reviewing the Thin Stix 6pk of Neon Colors by The Pencil Grip, Inc.



Thin Stix Neons 6pk picture

Thin Stix are a slimmer version of Kwik Stix solid tempera paint sticks from The Pencil Grip, Inc. These versatile paint sticks glide on smoothly without any water and dry within 90 seconds!  As you paint, you simply twist up more stick, just as you would with a tube of lipstick.

These are great for all ages and abilities.  If you can draw or color with crayons, then you can also do it with Thin Stix!

Thin Stix work great on lots of surfaces such as poster board, paper, wood, cardboard, and canvas.  I’ve even seen them used on rocks for a rock garden!

The bright, vibrant colors are fun to use and give great results every time.  This thinner version allows you to paint more details with greater control than the original Kwik Stix product.  Thin Stix also come in a variety of colors, including classics, neons, and metalix.



My 12-year old daughter, Haylee, just loves to draw with Thin Stix!  She’s used all of the varietiesThin Stix Neons 6pk picture of Kwik Stix in the past, and we got a chance to review the Thin Stix 12pk back in January.  Haylee really likes the finer detail that she can achieve with the Thin Stix, and she likes to use both the original Kwik Stix and the Thin Stix in combination with each other, as well, since the Kwik Stix are great for filling in large areas quickly, while the Thin Stix are great for drawing and outlining.

She especially likes this awesome pack of neon colors!  They are so bright and colorful, and the colors really pop on the page!  They are great for so many applications, from decorating wooden picture frames to creating artwork for her bedroom walls.

What I love most is that they make absolutely no mess!  There are no dirty cups of water, paint brushes, wet paper towels, or any mess at all to have to clean up afterwards!  That’s the biggest bonus of all.  As much as Haylee loves to paint, I find myself generally dreading the aftermath, but not so with Thin Stix!  She can paint to her heart’s desire. 

Thin Stix are so easy to use that Haylee often sits and paints a stack of pictures at once whenever she gets them out.  And with all the color packs available, she can make lots of vivid creations!


Here’s a basic picture that anyone could draw.


This illustrates how the neon colors really “pop” with a black contrasting outline, but it also demonstrates how you can color in both large and small areas with the versatile Thin Stix.


This shows more of those wonderful, bright, feminine colors in the neon set.  They are perfect for a sunshine-y, happy picture!


Some butterflies!

I really wish my photographs could better depict how bright these neon shades really are.  The photos don’t do the colors justice!  They are about ten times brighter than they appear in these pictures. 

I’ve had some of my Kwik Stix products for a year and a half now, and as much as Haylee has used them, she has not yet run out of a single color!  They really do last a long time, and we haven’t experienced any of them drying out, either.  They store nicely in a plastic tray inside their original box, and they are so simple to use and put away again.  I highly recommend them for artists of all ages, and they make great gifts, too!

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