Monday, April 24, 2017

REVIEW: Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

I was super excited to get to review the Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316, because this was a game that was right up my alley!


The Daily Bible Jigsaw is a free game platform available for Apple in the AppStore, Android from Google Play, or the Facebook App played in your browser. 

Each day, you can solve that day’s jigsaw puzzle featuring a beautiful photo.  When you’ve solved the puzzle, the puzzle is overlayed with an inspiring bible verse, which can be shared instantly on Facebook.

In addition to the free puzzle of the day, you have the option to purchase puzzle coins to play additional archived puzzles from past days on the calendar.  You can also use puzzle coins to make use of helpful tools to assist you in solving the puzzles faster.

For the review, I was given a pack of 500 puzzle coins in my account, which allowed me to play tons of extra puzzles!



This game is really fun and relaxing!  I enjoyed doing it most either first thing in the morning after I took my son to school, or in the evening as I was relaxing before bed.  Either way, I loved being able to share the inspiring bible verses with friends and family on Facebook.

You can earn extra puzzle coins for awards you receive, like solving so many puzzles for a certain day of the week, solving a puzzle in under 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc., for solving a bulk total number of puzzles, or for successfully connecting the “power piece” in each puzzle…a random piece that sparkles for a few seconds while you try to connect it to another piece.  In this way, you can earn coins to play additional puzzles, even if you never buy any coin packs.  But I can tell you that if you enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, then you will definitely want to buy some extra coins!

During the review period, I ended up solving over all the puzzles for December through the current date in April!  And I still had a LOT of coins left.  In addition, there are some bonus puzzles that you can play for free that contain a lot more puzzle pieces and therefore take longer to solve.  Those are definitely more challenging.  The daily puzzles all have 30 pieces in them.

You can view your ranking in the weekly tournament, and your time to complete each puzzle is saved so you can also repeat a puzzle (with coins) and try to get a better time than you had before.  Even with the many months’ worth of puzzles I completed, I only saw a few images repeat.  Mostly, they were different each day.  And you can challenge a Facebook friend to play, as well, and see who gets the best time.

There are a number of tools you can use to assist you if you need help or want to improve your completion time.  Here’s a summary of them and what they do:

  • Rotate:  Automatically rotates all puzzle pieces to the correct orientation.
  • Guide:  Shows you what the completed image will look like so you can better picture how the pieces fit together.
  • Sweep:  This sweeps all the unconnected pieces to the perimeter of the screen.
  • Magnet:  Randomly attached 2 pieces together to help you when you’re stuck.
  • Edges:  Separates all the edge pieces from the middle ones so you can easily put the frame together first.

Each of these tools costs you coins to use them.  Occasionally, a tool might be free for a limited time.  I am pretty good at solving puzzles, and I didn’t feel the need to use the helps, and I would much rather save my coins for more puzzles to solve!

Initially, my goal was to solve puzzles in under 5 minutes.  As I got better, then my goal was 4 minutes, and today, I solved one in under 3 minutes for the first time, which earned me the reward of a few extra coins.  The program keeps track of your rewards, and you can look back at all of the bible verses you’ve completed at any time.

The bottom line is that this game is addicting, fun, and a great way to relax for me.  I find myself looking forward to it.  And when my 12-year old daughter saw me doing the puzzles, she opened her own account on her Android tablet, and she does the daily puzzles, too.  We even sat side by side and competed with each other many times to see which one of us would solve it first!  Sometimes, that competitive nature just rears its head, LOL. 

I personally played it using the Facebook app on my computer, and I had only one issue…my computer completely crashed (shut down suddenly) at least half a dozen times while I had the game open, and it was always after I’d completed the puzzle and got up to do something so it sat for a minute or two without any activity, or when I was looking through my rewards.  It never did it while a puzzle was in play.  I’m not sure what the cause was, but I’m pretty sure it was related to the Facebook app since it never happened to me any other time.  As with all apps, there are occasionally bugs that have to be fixed, and I’m assuming that is one of them.  I have no idea if others experienced it, as well, or if it is specific to my computer or version of Windows 10.  But it wasn’t enough to deter me from playing the game!  I have really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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