Sunday, September 20, 2015

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Earlier this week, we swung by Moe’s Southwest Grill for Quesopalooza…a free cup of queso and chips, no purchase required.  ADSCF4433s if that wasn’t yummy enough, yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day!  That’s one of my favorite freebie days of the year.  Since it fell on Saturday, we had plenty of time to get ready after a long morning soccer practice.  Normally, all of the kids go with me, but this year, the boys didn’t feel like going out, so it was just me and Haylee. 

We had Hayden go up into the attic and toss down their old Pirate Halloween costumes.  Haylee’s was too small since she wore it like 5 years ago, so she got creative and wore her pirate dress as a pirate tunic and added leggings!  Love that girl.  She looked adorable.  Then I pulled out Hayden’s old costume, a size 10/12, and was so thankful that it was baggy enough to pull off being a costume for me!  I remembered I had some old giant gold hoops from the late 80’s and threw those on at the last minute. 

Steve took a little photo session of us out on the front lawn, and then we headed off to Long John Silver’s for lunch.  For wearingDSCF4435 a complete costume, we got a free 2-piece fish basket with hushpuppies and one side (she got fries, and I got coleslaw).  Yum!  We were the only ones besides the employees behind the counter who were decked out, but everyone seemed to enjoy our costumes.  The 70 year old lady behind us in line was fascinated and wanted to know why we were dressed up.  We told her she could get a free piece of fish or chicken for just talking like a pirate.  She was there to meet a friend for lunch, so she asked us how to talk like a pirate, and we told her just to say “ARGH!”  She laughed and gave it a try and was so proud of herself for scoring some free food!  I heard her telling her friend about it who was jealous that she didn’t know and had already ordered.  LOL.

Then we headed off to Krispy Kreme for our free dozen glazed doughnuts.  Absolutely everyone there was decked out in pirate gear…it’s the most popular spot in town for pirate-friendly patrons on Talk Like a Pirate Day.  The line wasn’t nearly as bad as it usually is.  I somehow expected it to be busier on the weekend than on weeDSCF4436kdays, but I guess folks were probably more spread out throughout the day on the weekend, whereas lots of people go in droves at certain times of day on weekdays for the event.

Of course, everyone at home appreciated our walking through the door with 2 dozen fresh doughnuts, which the boys practically demolished before the day was out.  Only one box was left when I went to bed.

It was a fun day with my little pirate. 

Until next year!