Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – December 14th-20th

Gearing up for the holidays has kept us so busy.  From a little gym fun to a beautiful holiday concert, we were on our toes this week.


On Monday, I took the kids to My Gym of Hilltop for the Homeschool Open House.  This was an introduction for folks new to the gym to try out the facility and activities to see if they might be interested in signing up for our upcoming string of 12 weekly classes that start after the first of the new year.

Above is a sampling of some of the fun, as the kids took turns enjoying the zipline!  Who doesn’t love ziplining?


On Monday afternoon when we picked Hayden up from school, he and his friend got in the van and told the tale of our Hayden got randomly punched in the eye in the hallway!  I was shocked that the school did not notify me that my son was assaulted in the middle of the school day.  If we hadn’t been on our way to gym class, I’d have marched right into the school office and demanded an explanation.  Look at how bloodshot his eye was that night!


After getting all the details, I calmed down and left a polite and professional message for the school’s guidance counselor.  Then that evening, I emailed the Head of School.  As it turns out, Hayden never notified his charter school office of the incident, but instead went to the main school’s office, so that’s why I wasn’t notified.  I knew the Head of School would see that it was investigated properly, and she assured me should would.  Hayden saw the school EMT the next morning, who checked him out and called to tell me his eye looked okay, but we should monitor the ongoing severe headache he was experiencing in case he suffered a mild concussion.  As it turned out, his headache lasted about 3 days before it dissipated.  I felt bad for him.  After the school reviewed the surveillance footage, they realized he was in a blind spot in the hallway when it occurred, so they were unable to see who did it, but they saw Hayden turning into another hallway holding his eye.  I guess we’ll never know what happened, but I feel confident that the staff will be looking out for him.


On Friday night, I took Haylee, my friend and neighbor Valentyna, and her daughter Ana, with me to see the Holiday POPS concert with the Virginia Symphony and Chorus.  We go together every year, and never fails to please!  Here is Haylee in her pretty dress.


On the way out to the parking garage, I had the girls stop in front of the giant Christmas tree at Town Center to get a quick photo on my phone.


We had such a lovely time and always look forward to the next year’s holiday concert.  They manage to change it up a bit every year so it’s always a little fresh and new.  They had ballet dancers, a chorus, and an amazing bell-ringing performance by the Raleigh Ringers.  Awesome!


We had a lovely week!  The month is flying by so quickly, and we’re ready to start out Christmas break!  On Saturday, Hayden started complaining of a sore throat, so I’m hoping he hasn’t brought something home from school, but that remains to be seen.  I hope you’re all busy with holiday celebrations, too!

It’s almost Christmas!