Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – May 25th-31st

It’s hard to believe the end of May has come, but it’s here already!  Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to those who have served our country and paid the ultimate price for our continued freedom. 


Steve finally got the empty propane gas tank off the grill (it was stripped out and really stuck on there!), so I was able to go exchange it for a full tank and fire up the grill just in time for Memorial Day!  I cooked up quite a feast:  Cheeseburgers, fixin’s, corn on the cob, Caesar salad, macaroni and cheese, a veggie tray, fries, and watermelon!  A feast fit for a king, indeed.


I made the family pose for a quick pic in front of the day’s feast.


This week, Hayden had two Virginia SOL tests to take and pass, and he did!  He passed Geometry, but on Earth Science, he not only passed, but he got the highest grade in his school!  So as a reward, I got him a new 1.5 gallon fish tank for his bedroom and let him pick out a couple of really cool fish for it.  We got the tank midweek and let it sit for a couple of days to get the water treated properly, and then on Friday, I surprised him by going back and picking up the fish he’d selected earlier in the week.


The fish are super cool…a Dalmatian Molly and a Gold Dust Lyre Tail Molly.


Aren’t they awesome?  The tank looks super cool at night when it’s all lit up with the LED lights in the top.  I got neon decorative plants and multi-shade blue rocks, and it looks really neat!  He was pretty happy about that.


On Saturday, the kids had their final round of baseball games for the season.  They all played at exactly the same time, only Holden’s game was an hour, Haylee’s was 1.5 hours, and Hayden’s game was 2 hours that got spread out to more like three because we had the coach awards ceremony smack dab in the middle of it!  They all played great, and their respective teams all won, so everything ended on a happy note.  I tried to get a bit of video of each of their games, but I ended up missing Hayden’s entirely in the process.  Bummer!  Holden was so sad that the season was over and so sad that he wouldn’t be seeing his coach every week that he cried immediately after his game and again that night after his bath.  Such a sentimental kid!  He really loved Coach Obando this season.


That pretty much wraps up our week!  We start our new school year on Monday, so stay tuned to see how that goes!