Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – May 18th-24th

And another school year comes to a close!!!


It’s official…Holden has graduated from Kindergarten!  (sniff, sniff.)

I commemorated the occasion by playing Pomp and Circumstance on my computer and having him stand up on a pedestal (stool) while wearing a paper graduation cap and holding his diploma!  Haylee and I simultaneously blew bubbles at him with little bottles of graduation bubbles I got at the dollar store.


Then we presented him with a “congrats” Mylar balloon and a box full of firefighter-themed toys.  He had lots of fun wearing his new firefighter hat and spraying everybody with water from his fire extinguisher water gun. 


I think he had a good time.  You only graduate kindergarten once in your life, after all.  Smile


The next day, Haylee finished up her school year, too (bye-bye, 4th grade!), so I took them both with our neighbor friends to the Virginia Beach Planetarium inside of one of the local middle schools on Tuesday night. 


The scientist made a presentation about space and upcoming stellar events, and then we watched a film about astronauts and how space travel affects them physically.  It was fascinating!

We’ve always wanted to go, and this was our first visit.  The kids loved it, and it was only $3/person.  They change the film every month, so we plan to make regular visits this summer.


I spent the whole day on the baseball field on Saturday watching the kids at their games.  I usually spend a bit of time at each game and then head home with the youngest once he’s had enough of being there.  But he wanted to stay and play, and I got embroiled in conversation with other parents and wasn’t watching the time.  I left my purse in the van and didn’t realize how long I’d been in the sun.  My sunblock was in my purse.  I thought about going to get it, but I didn’t feel like trekking back to my vehicle.  Big mistake!  I got SO sunburned, especially on my legs.


Thank goodness I was at least wearing capris instead of shorts, but still…OUCH!  I still had some Beeyoutiful Hair Shine left over from a review I did a couple of years ago, and I remembered that it doubles as a sunburn treatment.  I kept spraying that on, and it really gave me immediate relief.  With repeated application, it was almost healed by Monday, and I was feeling much better!  Lesson learned…


I am looking forward to the long weekend with Steve and Hayden home.  What plans do you have for Memorial Day weekend?