Friday, December 20, 2013

December Happenings #2

Here’s a little recap of more fun stuff we’ve been doing at our house this month.


Holden had a rare treat…last weekend, daddy did some science with him to help me out because we were a little behind from his being sick and also having to go to the dentist earlier in the week.  Daddy?  Science?  YES!  And you know what that means…Holden got to try out an experiment instead of just watching it on the DVD!  ha, ha.  That’s what daddies are for, right?!?


Holden had a lot of fun with this experiment from Sonlight Science K, demonstrating how air took up space and displaced the water from the bottle when he blew through the tubing.  He did this one over and over again!


Then on Sunday evening, I was off to the Holiday Pops concert given by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.  This is always a fun event that ends with a sing-along with the Virginia Chorale Society.  I took Haylee with me, looking very pretty, and my neighbor friend, Valentyna, her daughter, Anastasia, and her mother-in-law who was visiting. 


We had such a great time, as always!  This concert always puts me in the holiday spirit, if I wasn’t already!  It has become a tradition for me.


My front door Christmas wreath was looking shabby and sad this year, so I decided to buy some new decorations and give it a fresh look.  While we watched a movie, I sat on the floor and gave it a makeover.  Voila!  It’s all sparkly and pretty and colorful again!  Yay!


I just love door decorations, don’t you?  I have something for every season…some kind of wreath or wooden sign for every time of year.  It’s just so welcoming!


Stay tuned for more holiday happenings with the Burgess Clan!