Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Happenings #1

I thought I’d recap some of the stuff we’ve been doing this month in a series of posts.


Our first free Friday of the month, I decided to take the kids to the Orb Family Fun Center in Chesapeake for a little bouncy fun.  I took along my computer since there’s nothing for me to do there, and I played around on the internet while they got all their wiggles out.  They had lots of fun! 


I met a nice lady from England who was there with her kids, and we had a lovely chat about our favorite British foods and where we order them from when we’re craving our yummy favorites.  We had such a lovely conversation, and this helped the 3 hours pass quickly!  Then we were off to pick Hayden up from school at the last possible minute!  I had a free shipping code for the English Tea Store, so that prompted me to order us a box of goodies in time for Christmas while it was on my mind!


We also started off December with some outdoor decorating!  It’s been over a decade since my husband last put any kind of lights on the house for Christmas, and although he showed some promise this year, it just didn’t happen.  This is where having a teenage son comes in handy.  He’s tall enough and determined enough to do it himself!  So here it is…his first attempt at hanging outdoor lights all by himself, with a little help from his little sister.


They had fun with the effort and persevered, despite the endless cold rain they endured in the process.  Go Team Burgess!


On Saturday, I took the younger kids to our community’s Cocoa and Treats with Santa party.  It wasn’t overly exciting…they just did a little peel and stick craft, a pencil puzzle, and had a doughnut and cocoa.  Holden spilled his and cried.  Bound to happen to a 5-year old, right?  Anyway, they got to fill out a letter to Santa showcasing their wish lists and give it to The Man of the Hour himself, Santa Claus. 


At least one of the kids still believes in the magic of Santa, so I had to make one last shopping trip to make sure the wish list items were fulfilled before the big day.  Shew!  Just in time.  Thanks for the extra pressure, Santa!  LOL.


Stay tuned for more holiday happenings from the Burgess clan!