Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of Charter School

First Day of School

Well, the time has come.  I finally sent my firstborn so, Hayden (age 14) off to public school…charter school, that is.  It also happened to be his first day of high school, so lots of milestones involved in this one. 

Truth be told, I was actually in Arkansas visiting my mom for the week prior, and I was traveling home that day.  I arrived back at home late that night, but I was still able to ask him about his day before he went to bed.  I was thankful for that.  After all, you can’t ever get back that first day of school.  I was sad to have missed sending him off that morning, but his dad got to experience that in my stead.  I begged my husband to take photos of those first moments for me, and here’s what I got.

Isn’t Hayden a handsome young man?  Gosh, he looks so grown up here (sniff, sniff).


Sleepy Kids


In addition to this lovely photo of Hayden, my husband also snapped a picture of my other two kids (Haylee, age 9, and Holden, age 5) looking extremely sleepy while eating their breakfast that morning.  That 6 AM wakeup time was a tough trial-by-fire transition for them, for sure.


I will be writing more about Hayden’s charter school experiences in the weeks to come.  The first thing he told me was that a kid in the general population of the regular high school (his charter school is located in a separate section inside of the regular high school) came to school on the first day with his face all beat up!  He said the boy had a red nose, black eye, and purple cheek.  Uh-oh! 

And then today, just the 6th school day, he said a food fight broke out in the shared cafeteria amongst the general population.  He and his classmates ran for the hallway to avoid being involved.  The school shut down the lunch period early and put the instigators in detention, but they permitted the charter school students to finish their lunch in the hallway.  Wow…this whole public school experience is definitely an “experience!” 

Oh!  And I almost forgot to mention that Hayden even made it to the front page of the local paper this weekend (blue shirt sitting down) in an article about his charter school.  You can click the story read more about his school.  The second photo here was featured in the online article and just happens to be entirely of Hayden.  Awesome! 


They do a lot of publicity for the charter school here locally because it is the first of its kind in this city and only the 5th public charter school in the state of Virginia. Stay tuned!