Monday, March 25, 2013

2013-2014 School Planning

Here is my annual plan for the upcoming school year for the kids.  I’m so late with my planning and preparations this year…gotta get my ordering, copying, binding, and scheduling underway ASAP!  We will be starting our new school year on June 17th, and I’m terrified of screwing Hayden’s first year of high school!

HAYDEN, Ages 13-14, Grade 9

HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY * Sonlight History 220
* Switched on Schoolhouse:  Virginia History
* Star-Spangled States Book & Workbook
BIBLE * Sonlight Doctrinal Studies 210
MATH * Saxon:  Algebra I (with integrated Geometry) with Saxon
   Teacher DVD’s
LANGUAGE ARTS * Sonlight Classic Literature 230
* Essentials in Writing:  Grade 9
* Wordly Wise 3000:  Book 10 Online
* Analogies 2
* Tell Me More:  Spanish Level 1
SCIENCE * Sonlight Science 250 (Apologia Biology w/Sonlight Ultra
   Microscope and Specimens for Dissection)
MUSIC * Adventus:  MusIQ HomeSchool
OTHER * Beginning Microsoft Small BASIC Programming


HAYLEE, ages 8-9, Grade 4

* McGraw-Hill: Our Country’s Regions 4
BIBLE * Sonlight Bible E
MATH * Saxon:  Math 6/5
LANGUAGE ARTS * McGraw-Hill:  Language Arts 4
* Wordly Wise 3000:  Book 5 Online
* A Reason for Handwriting E
* Houghton Mifflin:  Spelling & Vocabulary 5
* Spanish (TBD…maybe Spanish for You)
SCIENCE * Sonlight Science E
* McGraw-Hill:  Science 4
HEALTH * McGraw-Hill:  Health 4
MUSIC * The New Nine-Note Recorder Method
* Adventus:  MusIQ HomeSchool
ART * Abeka Art A
* ARTistic Pursuits:  Early Elementary Book One


HOLDEN, Ages 5-6, Grade K

BIBLE * Sonlight Bible A
MATH * Saxon:  Math 1
LANGUAGE ARTS * Saxon:  Phonics 1
* Sonlight Grade 1 Readers
* McGraw-Hill:  Language Arts K
* A Reason for Handwriting A
* Explode the Code:  Books 1-3
* Houghton Mifflin:  Spelling & Vocabulary 1
SCIENCE * Sonlight Science A
HEALTH * Harcourt Health & Fitness K
MUSIC * Silver Burdett:  Music K
ART * Abeka:  Art Projects K


That’s my plan so far!  I’m getting ready to make my big Sonlight order on April 1st when the new catalog goes live.  This will be our most expensive Sonlight order ever.  That’s because Hayden’s Biology program is so expensive.  We’ll be ordering the Sonlight Ultra Microscope and the specimens for dissection since he has to have 3 science labs for graduation in VA.  The microscope alone is over $200, but at least I’ll be able to use it for all three kids over time.  I’m tempted to spring for the digital eyepiece, as well.  It would be cool for all of us to be able to view the slides at one time on the computer screen.  I’ll have to discuss that with Steve and see if it’s worth the extra money.

I’ve dropped the extra science and social studies supplements for Hayden for 9th grade.  I decided he should have plenty of time to focus on doing his core subjects very well.  I am considering adding in some extra grammar practice for him.  He still doesn’t write that well, and I think the extra practice would help him as he works on developing his writing skills this year.  I will probably add the McGraw-Hill Language Arts workbook for 9th grade.  I can’t print it for free online, and he can just use that.  There is some integrated grammar in Essentials in Writing, but I think he needs more practice than just that.

I’ll edit this post as necessary, but I think I’m really close to having this plan finalized.  Yay!  If I get time, I’ll also try to come back and add hyperlinks to the products on the list.  Wish us luck!