Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy 14th Birthday, Haylee!!!

My sweet baby girl, Haylee, turned 14 on July 31st.  How is that possible?  The time has flown.


And being 14 now, that means it is time to begin high school!  She has always been homeschooled, but like Hayden before her, she will be going to public high school.  This week, we went over and got her all registered for school.  They made her student ID, and she went to freshman orientation!

Image result for southwest high school fort worthImage result for southwest high school fort worth 

School starts much earlier here than in VA, so the first day of school is August 20th, and the school year ends by Memorial Day.  She just has one more week at home, and then it’s a whole new world for her and for us, too!  For the first time since Hayden was little, I’m left at home teaching just one child.  We’re in the home stretch!  Just 4 years to go and then my 19 years of homeschooling will come to an end when Holden goes to high school, too.  I can finally retire from this gig! Smile

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