Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

So this was my first Mother’s Day in Texas.  It actually turned out pretty nice!  The night before, I ran into Steve and Haylee at a different Walmart than the one near our house.  I had left to go to Costco, but I arrived right after they closed, so I turned around and stopped at Walmart instead.  So funny to sMother's Day 2018ee them there.  They were acting all guilty.  I said, “hey, did you guys see the beautiful bouquets of flowers at the entrance that came in a vase with daisies in them?”  (Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower, followed by regular daisies).  They tried to blow it off like “Oh, really?!?” But they were hiding around corners with their cart, and there was a bouquet in their cart!  Too funny.  I ran into them in two different places in the store.  So when we all arrived back at home, they gave me the beautiful bouquet in a pretty purple vase.  Lovely!  It had so many yellow daisies mixed with white roses and pink irises. They also gave me a box of my favorite herbal tea…Sleepytime Peach…and a box of my favorite K-Cup iced tea…Snapple Diet Lemon Iced Tea!!!  That iced tea is so wonderful all fresh-brewed, but I never buy it because it’s just too expensive.  They had given me a box for Christmas, but of course, it was already gone.

Also, my sister had sent me a surprise package from Amazon earlier in the week, which contained a beautiful brooch for Mother’s Day.  We lost our mom 4 years ago to lung cancer, so she and I had taken to sending each other little things for Mother’s Day instead.  It’s a really sweet gesture.  We always sent each other cards before anyway, just because we’re extra close like that, so it only seemed natural to sort of adopt each other for the holiday after our mom passed away.

So on Mother’s Day morning, Steve and the kids gave me lovely cards, and I made everybody breakfast before we headed off to church.  I put the pretty new brooch on my jacket, and I took a quick photo wearing it with my flowers in the shot and sent it off to my sister to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

After church, Steve had planned to get me my favorite iced tea from Kung Fu Tea, but since he needed to mow the lawn and I was going to drive right by it headed to Costco anyway, I said I’d just get it myself.  So I grabbed my Peach Oolong iced tea on the way and nearly had it finished by the time I got there!  After Costco, I stopped at the local mall so I could use the Mother’s Day reward in my Auntie Anne’s app.  It was for b1g1f pretzels.  So after grabbing some treats there, I walked around a bit.  I had $5 in rewards I needed to use in Children’s Place, so I browsed through there.  I ended up treating myself to a new dress!  It was so pretty, and a girls’ size 16 from there fits me perfectly.  The belt was missing, so I got even more off the markdown price plus my rewards, and it was almost free!  I also walked through Sears on my way into the mall and grabbed myself a new pair of white summer sandals, which I’ve been needing for ages since mine had broken.  They were on sale, too, and I also had Show Your Way points to redeem, so I got a great deal on them.

So I headed home with all my goodies and found everybody in the pool.  I had brought home a late lunch/early dinner from Costco, so I served that up to everyone outside with a pitcher of cold orange drink.  Steve had inflated my new deluxe pool lounger, so after we ate, I changed into my bathing suit and spent the afternoon floating around the pool.  It was so relaxing in the afternoon sun!

After that, I soaked in the tub for a while and finished reading my book.  While I was doing that, Steve brought me a cup of hot Sleepytime Peach tea to enjoy while Haylee headed off to the kitchen to bake me some brownie cookie bars.    And between them, they cleaned up afterwards so I didn’t have any dishes to do that night.  Aaaah!  Very peaceful.

It was quite a relaxing day, indeed! 

Unfortunately, Hayden was scheduled to work after church, and as it turned out, he got called in on his day off the following day, so it kind of spoiled our plans.  But he says he plans to take me out for a foot massage as his Mother’s Day gift to me as soon as we’re both home during the day.  I guess that’ll probably be this weekend!  Sounds lovely to me!  I’m very much looking forward to it. 

In addition, I always get a subscription to the symphony for the following season as my big Mother’s Day gift, but I had to cancel it last year since we moved from VA right after we renewed it.  I really missed it this season.  So now I’m all set up to start going to the Fort Worth Symphony this fall for both the Pops and the Classics series.  I’m really excited, and it gives me something to look forward to on Sunday afternoons from September through May.  Yay!

I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!

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