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REVIEW: Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures

My 13-year old daughter and I spent a Saturday afternoon watching and discussing Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures together.


Princess Cut is a 1 hour and 40 minute Christian film that brings home the idea of waiting on God’s timing for the right lifelong partner. 

As with many young women today, the main character, Grace Anderson (played by Ashley Bratcher), is a girl in her 20’s who is in a rush to find a husband, only to discover that rushing only leads to a broken heart and spending time with the wrong person.

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So many young women in their 20’s begin to feel a real push to find a husband.  They might be feeling as if they’ll be single forever if they don’t date around and start to single out a potential match. This can lead to too much dating or dating the wrong people.  It can also lead a young woman into feeling pressured to accept a boyfriend who isn’t quite right for them, perhaps because she feels she can change and mold him in some way, or perhaps because she feels she has to settle for less than ideal.

The Princess Cut addresses these feelings.  It also introduces the concept of courting rather than dating…the idea that the reason for spending time with a young man is not just to have a good time but to get to know him better and gauge his suitability as a potential lifelong husband.  It also introduces the concept of not being in a rush and pushing things along, but in waiting for God’s perfect timing and for Him to bring the right person into your life, often in a way you least expect it.

In the film, Grace Anderson suffers broken relationships and heartbreak a number of times before really feeling frustrated and breaking down.  She has been pressured into physical contact with a current boyfriend and feels like she should end the relationship.  At one point during a rainstorm, he invites her into his home without anyone else present, and while there, he makes physical advances on her which upset her very much.  This was a point where I stopped and had a conversation with my daughter about the dangers of becoming isolated with a young man where something could happen that is uninvited, and no one else is around to help.  We talked about what a dangerous situation that is and how important it is to stay in public places or to be in the presence of other friends or family.

Grace shares her experience with a friend who suggests that she see a therapist, but that was a disastrous experience.  The therapist gives her all kinds of worldly advice that goes against her family values, and she ends up walking out.

Later, she instead confesses her feelings and experiences to her parents, who talk her through it and offer her guidance.  They encourage her to wait for His timing and to let that special person come to her rather than actively seeking them out on her own.  She agrees to give it a try. 

In the meantime, she goes about her business, focusing on everyday life on the family’s farm.  A handsome young man named Clint Anderson (played by Joseph Gray) moves in nearby…a recent medical school graduate who is settling into the role as the town’s new doctor.  Over time, he spends time with the family and grows fond of Grace.  Clint goes to Grace’s father and asks permission to court her in a serious manner.  After receiving permission and blessings from Mr. Anderson, Clint goes to Grace and lets her know of his intentions.  She agrees to begin a relationship, and the two go on to spend a lot of time together in the company of her family.  Here, I had another great conversation with my daughter about how important it is to get to know each other’s families.  I explained that when you marry, you marry the whole family, because those relationships will be part of your relationship with your husband.  So it’s important to get to them, too, and make sure everyone can get along and respect one another’s boundaries.  We also talked about how a young man who expresses interest in spending time getting to know the whole family shows really positive character traits.

Along the way, an old girlfriend comes to town looking for Clint, and it seems there may be trouble brewing, especially when she begins to conspire with Grace’s ex-boyfriend to interfere with the couple’s relationship.  But Clint handles the situation with grace, and the pieces fall back into place.  He returns with an engagement ring and asks Grace to marry him.

The ending shows the couple with a little girl, getting ready to plant seeds on their own little farm together.

This was a heartwarming story that addresses a lot of real issues that young women face in today’s world.  It was a good opportunity to talk to my daughter about not allowing herself to feel pressured by a young man into doing things that make her uncomfortable and about waiting for God’s timing.  I reminded her that her own father spent time with my family from the time we met and that my parents and sister actually expressed their approval to me before I even knew what I was feeling for him myself.  It was reassuring to know that my family saw him in the same positive light that I saw him, and it allowed me to evaluate his suitability as a potential spouse and father with some degree of confidence.  I had dated a lot and had spent nearly five years dating one person in particular on and off, but it was not a positive relationship, and he was not the right person for me. I spent so much energy trying to make it work when I should have realized that God was trying to show me how wrong he was for me.  My husband came along when I least expected it in a way I never would have imagined, and God made it very clear to me that our relationship was vastly different than anything I’d experienced before.  That’s just what Grace felt for Clint in this movie…the way God very clearly set Clint apart from the rest and brought him to her when the time was right.

Princess Cut provides a great opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your daughter about these issues.  My daughter is too young to be thinking about these things now, but I hope when the time comes, she can look back on this conversation and take it to heart.  Although the acting in this film was not as polished as most Hollywood movies, it’s still worth watching for the values and messages it conveys.

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