Monday, March 5, 2018

REVIEW: Magic Stix Washable Markers by The Pencil Grip, Inc.

We’ve really loved all of the wonderful products that we’ve tried from The Pencil Grip, Inc., so we were really excited to review the 24-pack of their new Magic Stix Washable Markers!


This 24-pack of washable Magic Stix markers comes in a clear, hard plastic carrying case with a built-in handle.  Each marker snaps in place so you can arrange the array of colors as you like.

These markers have no odor, come in bright, vibrant colors, and have vented safety caps. 

What’s more, they are guaranteed not to dry out for 7 days, even if the caps are left off completely!  That makes them especially ideal for children, but they are wonderful for adults, as well.

These are available at Amazon for just $14.72 + shipping and would make a great gift!


I had a chance to try these out for myself before Christmas, and I really fell in love with them!  I have used them at least once a week ever since I got them.  Of all the different kinds of markers that I personally have, these are my #1 choice!  I really enjoy using them in adult coloring books. 

What I like most about them is that they feel sturdy and comfortable to hold, and they a great for coloring both small and large areas.  The tips a firm and rounded, so you don’t have to worry about kids pressing too hard and damaging them, but you can still fill in detailed portions of a picture with the tips.  But when you want to fill in a larger area more quickly, you need only use them at an angle to take advantage of the broader sides of the markers.  I also really love the bright, vibrant colors!  You can really show off the array of shades when you are coloring, either by using complementary colors beside each other or by using contrasting colors.

20180304_214653 20180304_214744
These are some of my adult coloring book pages that I completed with the Magic Stix.

My kids got to try them out this time, as well.  My youngest son is 10.  He doesn’t do a lot of coloring, but when he does, he likes a good, sturdy marker.  He doesn’t have great fine motor skills.  He is left-handed and was later in developing a good pencil grip and fine motor control.  But he does a pretty good job with these, and he likes the bright colors.

20180304_214725 20180304_214812
These are more of my adult coloring pages done with Magic Stix.  You can see how bright and bold the colors are, as well as how you can really use the contrasting and complementary colors to make your pages “pop!" with these markers!

My daughter is 13 and is very artistic.  She’s always drawing and coloring both.  She also liked the feel of these markers, and we both really, really loved the handy storage case!  Since we color in adult coloring books so often (she does it probably every day after she finishes her school work), we both appreciate being able to align the colors by their shades, and this lovely storage case allows us to keep them in our preferred order and easily find the shade we want to use next.  The case has two plastic latches that make it easy to open and close.  You simply open and go! 

20180304_214415 20180304_214436
These are my daughter’s drawings that she made herself and colored with the Magic Stix.  You can see on the left how you can even use the subtle differences in colors to accent with shading.  On the right, you can see the variety of colors!

The only disappointment we have is that both of us wish they came in an even larger assortment of colors!  It there was a 50 or 100 pack of colors, I know we’d just *have* to buy them!  I know I’ve used my original set a whole lot, and the color flows so easily…it gives me the impression that they contain a lot of ink and will really last a good while.  With other markers I’ve used, sometimes the colors start to fade as if they are drying out, even when you use them for a long time in one sitting, but not so with these.  And even if we’ve gotten distracted and have left a cap off overnight, they have not shown any signs of drying out at all!  That’s impressive to me. 

I know these are a fairly new product, but I do hope they come out with more colors soon!  I have other sets of markers in much larger sets, but despite that, these have still become my go-to favorite markers for coloring.

This is a great set for adults and kids alike, and I encourage you to give them a try!  You’ll surely see why we’ve come to love them so much.

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