Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our First Homeschool Event in Texas

The kids and I finally found a homeschool group to join here in Texas.  It’s the South Tarrant County group, and there was just a small annual membership fee.  It looked as though they set up field trips and park days regularly, so we decided to give it a try for this year.  We did our first homeschool event this week, and it was a Valentine’s Party!

We met up at a place in Burleson called Buffalo Nickels.  I’d never heard of it before, but it was pretty cool!  We paid $6.75 admission for the three of us to get in and have use of the party room for our group, so that wasn20180214_141022’t bad at all.  It was a potluck event, so I made a couple of different flavors of mini muffins to take, and we headed off to join the fun!  It was a pretty neat place.  We bought a $5 cup of nickels, and the arcade games were anywhere from 5-20 cents each on average.  They had ski ball, a basketball game, and lots of different games of chance.  They was also an air hockey table, and there was even an old-fashioned pinball machine, which I had blast on myself!  It cost me 15 cents to play, and I kept winning free games!  I finally got so hungry that I had Holden come over to play the last free game I had!  LOL. 

At last, we sat down to enjoy our lunch.  It was a lovely gathering!  There was a putt-putt course outside, as well, but it was pretty busy, so we decided we’d probably go back another day to play there.  There were about 90 people signed up for the event!  Before we left, the kids cashed in their tickets for some prizes, and they had fun picking those out, too.

The kids ha20180214_140918d lots of fun, and the weather was absolutely beautiful that day…a perfect day to be out and about!  We did some shopping out in that area afterwards and then headed home.  I had Valentine’s goody bags made up for the kids to enjoy when they got home, including one for Hayden to open when he got home from work.  What can I say…they’ll always be kids to me!

Next week, we’ll be joining the group again for a field trip to a museum out in Arlington, so I’ll write more about that next week.  We worked ahead with our school work so we’d be free to spend a leisurely afternoon out, and it was a really nice adventure! 

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