Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Getting Social Again

I absolutely *LOVE* my house here in TX.  I love it so much that I no longer feel as compelled to leave it…for anything!  So I spend a lot more time at home now than maybe I have in the past, and I’ve been totally fine with that.  But I do miss my friends in VA, and I do miss having events and things to look forward to.  So Image result for february 2018that’s all beginning to change pretty soon.

I’m finally about to start getting out of the nest again!  We’ve been here for 7 months now, and I really haven’t been out much, and I haven’t been out for anything social at all!

But starting this weekend, my February calendar is starting to get busy!  We just joined our neighborhood’s voluntary association.  They do a few dinners a year, including a chili cook-off at the end of the summer.  It’s only $15/year, and we figured it would be a good way to get involved in our community and meet some of the neighbors.  This Saturday, they are hosting a Winterfest Dinner catered by a local place called Cousin’s BBQ.  Sounds fun!  We’re actually kind of looking forward to it, and they always meet in a church building just up the road, right outside our neighborhood.  That’s my first social outing!

Next up is a spa day experience for Valentine’s at my Mary Kay consultant’s home!  She’ll be giving spa treatments and demonstrating products and having specials on certain items while pampering everyone with wine, chocolate cake, and other treats.  So I figured, why not?  She’s a super nice lady I met before Christmas when I ordered some items and she delivered them to my home.  We talked on the porch for a while…she loves dogs and asked about mine, and then we discovered that she used to live in Virginia Beach when she was in the Navy in Norfolk back in the day!  Pretty cool!  Small world.  So I’m looking forward to getting out and enjoying myself a bit.  Maybe I’ll make some new friends!

For the third weekend in February, a lady at church who happens to live about a block down from me in my neighborhood is hosting a Valentine’s Tea for the ladies and girls in the congregation.  Haylee and I are planning to attend in our best tea dresses and hats and take a goodie along to share!  We’re looking forward to mingling with some of the ladies we’ve gotten to know at church, and it should be fun for us girls! 

Lastly, I’ve signed us up for a homeschool field trip with a South Tarrant County homeschool group that we just joined.  I’ll be taking the kids to the C. R. Smith Aviation Museum in Arlington for a whole day of activities!  They’ll see a film, tour the museum, and participate in educational programs for their own age groups.

So that’s 4 weekends in a row that I have plans in February already!  Hard to believe after spending all these months at home with absolutely no social life.  It should be fun! 

And after that, Haylee and Holden will start playing soccer down in Burleson at the very beginning of March.  Time flies! 

Somewhere in all that busy-ness, I’ve got to fit in doing taxes.  Ugh!  It won’t be much fun this year, since things are so unusual for us this time around.  We have to add the VA house as a rental, we have to file taxes in two states, we have moving expenses, we had two months without health insurance, and we made withdrawals from both of our retirement funds to renovate the VA house, so we’ll have penalties to pay on that…the list goes on!  And that’s in addition to our usual rental income.  It will just be a bit complicated!  And I’ve got banking all over the place.  I sure hope I’ve received all the statements I’m gonna need!  I don’t want to overlook anything, so I’m a bit nervous.  Oh, and add that to the fact that Hayden became an adult and started working, so I’ll have to help him file taxes for the first time, too. 

Anyway, at least I’ll be busy for the next few weeks!

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