Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – July 20th-26th

Welcome to another week in July!


This summer, I started getting monthly deliveries from Bark Box.  I have two dogs:  a 3-year old purebred yellow lab and a 2-year old brown labeagle (beagle/labrador).  I selected boxes appropriate for my largest dog, and we just break up the snacks for my little dog.  They absolutely love it!  Every month, they receive 4-5 items, including at least one really high quality premium dog toy and several wholesome, organic, all-natural snacks made in either the USA or Canada.  No China garbage for my best friends!  The toys have been super durable, and my dogs have yet to tear up a single one, which is amazing!


As you can see here, they got right to it, playing tug of war with a giant blue fish toy they got this week!  A 6-month subscription is $19/month.  I have priced out the items in the box myself (they also include an inventory sheet inside with retail prices) at Amazon, and the value they quote really is accurate.  The items are significantly more expensive than $19/box.  There’s a really good value with this subscription, and I get to feel good about giving healthy, nutritious, organic snacks to my girls.  Smile

I decided to try the program because I took advantage of a Groupon type offer for half price, but my dogs have enjoyed it so much, and I’ve been so impressed with the contents, that I think we may continue it when our six months is up.  In any case, we’re gathering a nice collection of wonderful toys that really seem to last!

Give it a try!


We didn’t have too much going on this week, but next week is Haylee’s 10th birthday, so stay tuned for fun times in my next update!