Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – April 6th-12th

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m so very thankful to have a few very close friends who always lend their support when it’s needed.  There’s something to be said for a sure and steady support from people you love who love you right back.  I am blessed.  Thank you.



That being said, I’d also like to thank some special people who very thoughtfully sent or brought me flowers over the last week to express their condolences on the loss of my mom.  Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower on the planet.  Their sunshiny little faces always make me smile, and Bob and Bunny Mallard came by my house unexpectedly on Monday evening and brought me this beautiful bouquet.  Thank you so much for brightening my day!




Then my doorbell rang one afternoon, and I received a delivery of this really special rock garden from Aaron and Patty Burleson with a really beautiful message attached that really touched my heart.  I love live plants, because their cheer doesn’t fade so quickly.  It also made a beautiful centerpiece on my breakfast bar!  Thank you so much for thinking of me.  It really means a lot.  I would also like to thank the many members of their Church of Christ congregation in California who showered me with cards, both when my mom was sick and after she passed.  I am so very touched at the kindness of strangers.  It restores my faith in good people.  Thank you!




And then a couple of days later when I was out, my neighbor and dear, dear friend, Valentyna Wheeler, brought me some beautiful, incredibly fragrant daffodils from her yard that smelled so good, they literally filled my kitchen with their beautiful scent for days!  I had just the right vase to put them in, and I got to enjoy them so much all week long.  Thank you for thinking of me!




And I’d also like to thank my very dear friend, Barbara Sgueglia, who surprised me the day after my mom passed away with a delivery from Edible Arrangements.  We’ve never had one of those before, and it was so delicious!  We polished it off before the day was over.  What a thoughtful treat!  Thank you!




This week started out so rough!  Hayden got up on Monday morning throwing up and running to the bathroom with diarrhea, and he ended up having to miss school, ruining his perfect attendance this year.  It was such a shame, but it couldn’t be helped.  I felt so bad for him.  Fortunately, though, with lots of rest, he was feeling more like himself by evening.  I kept him on a bland diet, and by Tuesday morning, he was back to normal and headed off to school. 

By Monday night, I knew I was in trouble.  My stomach had felt a little irritated all day.  By the time I ate dinner, though, I really wished I hadn’t.  It hit me hard.  I was up all night with nausea.  I awoke every hour with shakes and sweats and nausea, my heart racing, despite having gone to bed shivering cold.  I had awful diarrhea.  I kept myself from throwing up by laying on my right side all night long until the nausea passed.  I’d have given anything to have NOT eaten dinner.  Anyway, it was all I could do to get myself up and drive Hayden to school on Tuesday morning and make it back to the bathroom in time.  I spent most of the day in bed.  I only sipped water, and I didn’t eat a thing the whole day until dinner time when I forced myself to have a banana.  I had a splitting headache all day long, and every part of my body ached.  It was definitely a flu of some kind.  I kept taking Tylenol for the pain and napped as much as I could.


By the time Wednesday morning rolled around, I felt SO much better.  I ate breakfast, and I got the kids out for their field trip to the Young People’s Concert given by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.


We had several of our friends there, and a great time was had by all!  I didn’t eat lunch, but I had some dinner.  I wasn’t completely over it, but I definitely felt better.  I was thankful for that!


By Thursday, I felt like a million bucks!  I spent the day catching the kids up on their school work.  We were so behind!  I actually ate three meals that day, and I was feeling more like my usual self.

Then on Friday, I was at 110%!  I had tons of errands to run, and my house was in shambles!  While running errands, I still fit in some fun for the kids.  I had to go to the Farmer’s Market to pick out my vegetable plants for the garden, so we went into the local Creamery there and shared a fresh strawberry milkshake.  What a treat!  The kids loved that.  Then we did some more errands and stopped in for a late lunch at their favorite restaurant, Mi Casita!  We were enjoying a nice lunch, and then Holden started playing with a fork in his mouth.  He yanked it out, and out came his loose tooth with it, dropping right into his hand!  He’s been trying to get that tooth out for weeks, as the permanent tooth already poked through behind it.  He was so excited…his first lost tooth!


It didn’t even bleed, which was great, ‘cause I didn’t want our nice lunch out to turn into a traumatic experience for him!  He couldn’t wait to tell his big brother about it when we went to pick him up from school.  He was so tired that night from all of our running around that he asked ME to put it under his pillow, and he proceeded to fall asleep in MY bed for the night!  Smile

When he slipped out at dawn to run into his room to look for the tooth fairy’s gift under the pillow, I stirred awake in a panic that I’d fallen asleep myself and hadn’t put the $5 bill under his pillow (woops!), so I ran in and told him to look INSIDE his pillow case, as I deftly slipped my hand inside and left the bill behind.  He found it, and the disaster was averted!  Shew!  Score one for the tooth fairy! 

It was bittersweet, of course, because this is my LAST baby to lose his FIRST tooth.  Sad smile  I know all you moms out there can relate (sniff, sniff).  But he’s so darn cute with his missing tooth.  Winking smile

I came home, dug up my flower bed and turned over the dirt, dug up some perennials a friend shared with me from her yard, got my lawnmower running and mowed the back yard, and did a marathon cleaning of my house!  Whew!  I made major progress, and I was on fire with energy!  It was so good to be well again, and so good to have a sunshiny day to enjoy.  Welcome spring!


On Saturday, we went off to baseball games early in the morning.  It was such a gorgeous day!  I had to take Holden and leave right after his game so I could go pick up our Kids’ Box from One Harvest Ministries.  There was some really good stuff in our order this month!  Check this out:


A bag of sausages and pancakes on sticks, a bag of steak fingers, a bag of breaded chicken tenderloins, a bag of chicken nuggets, a bag of a natural cinnamon toast crunch cereal, a box of 2 Schwan’s Southwest Panini sandwiches, 4 Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches, 2 Power Ups sandwiches, a box of Tyson mini chicken sandwiches, a jar of peanut butter, and a box of granola bars.  All for $30.50, including the processing fee.  That was a lot of food!  The kids will love it for some variety.


We’re now officially on our spring break!  Yay!  Hayden is out for spring break, too, so we’re hoping to have a fun-filled week of activities OUTSIDE of the house!  Bring it on!  It’s supposed to rain a couple of days and be a bit cooler, too, but I won’t let that stop us…I’ve got a list of museums and places the kids want to go, and we’ll plan accordingly.  Have a great week!