Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – March 9th-15th

Welcome to a new week!  We finally had a week without any snow, and things even warmed up a bit mid-week.  We enjoyed a couple of lovely days, and spring was definitely in the air!


On Sunday, I went to see the Virginia Symphony Orchestra play a Salute to Broadway.  It was a lovely show!  They had the Virginia Chorus and a couple of guest solo singers, as well.  Personally, I prefer just to hear the symphony play at the Classics series, and I like it when they had solo musicians as guests.  The chorus can be nice, too, but when they have solo singers, I feel like it kind of take over the show and drowns out the instruments, which is the reason that I go.  But it was a lovely performance, even still, and I got to hear 3 songs from A Sound of Music, which I love, so I was happy.  The symphony is always so peaceful, and I really treasure being blessed to go every year as my Mother’s Day gift from my husband.


I got daily updates from my sister while she was visiting my mom through Tuesday.  I did get to talk to my mom a couple of times when Wendy put the phone to her ear, and I really appreciated that.  I heard her say “okay,” when I told her I loved her and am thinking of her, and it was so nice just to hear her voice.  I love her so much.  Wendy said mom does seem to have frequent bouts of intense stomach pain, and that she takes a pain pill when it happens, but then she mostly sleeps.  She said mom was so glad to see all of her visitors and seemed to recognize everyone, but she also has periods where she seems confused about what’s going on around her.  I’m so upset that this stroke has stolen my mom’s last days from her.  I know she was looking forward to having people come visit, and it’s too bad she had to spend it this way.  I went through a lot of emotional stuff through this weekend of hearing more about how mom is really doing, and it’s been hard to think of her there, unable to talk, and having intense pain.  My sister asked her if she was glad to be back at home, and she said no.  That made me so sad for her.


On Wednesday, there was the most beautiful sunrise!  It reminded me of God’s awesome creation and how His mercy is new every morning.  I ran out to snap a picture before I took Hayden to school.


This was the view from our back yard.  Gorgeous!  It was just what I needed to put myself back in the right frame of mind and snap me out of the sadness that has plagued me since my mom got sick.


By Friday, the kids were so glad to have a day off from school, and I put on some music for them to dance to.


All I could think to myself as I watched them having fun together was that my life really isn’t so bad, and in fact, it’s pretty darn good.  I love them so much.


On Saturday, I realized this was our final Saturday of freedom before soccer season begins next week, so I decided to make my husband’s favorite dinner…a labor of love…homemade Calzones!


It takes hours of my time to make them, but it’s always worth the wait.  They are really large.  One feeds all 5 of us for dinner, so we still have one for dinner tomorrow night.  Here’s my slice from the end.


Mmm…heavenly goodness!  It was so good that I actually licked my plate!  Smile  It’s stuffed with turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage, onion, green pepper, black olives, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and organic tomato basil pasta sauce.  Then it’s drizzled with warm sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan on top.  Wow!


Later today, I’m going to do a separate post announcing the premier episode of a Burgess family project we’ve been working on.  It’s an animated comedy about homeschooling.  My whole family has collaborated on it.  Our actual voices are used with the animation.  It’s been a lot of fun!  The plan is to release a new webisode every Sunday. 

Stay tuned!


That a wrap!  Have a wonderful week, and stop back by next Sunday to read about my upcoming visit to the opera.