Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Groupon Recommendation

Have you heard of Groupon? Several people in one of my coupon groups posted about it. It's available all over the country in major cities with more being added all the time. I signed up for the local Groupon group about a month ago, which had a message that deals would be starting soon, and the daily deals just started last week. It's the coolest thing! They find local merchants who will offer deep discounts in exchange for a minimum number of buys from the group. They negotiate the discount and post one deal daily to the group. They give all the details of the deal and indicate how many people have to agree to the purchase for it to go through. If you "buy" into the deal, then at the end of the day, Groupon lets you know if the deal went through, and if so, they go ahead and bill your credit card that you have on file. If they don't get the minimum number of participants, then they tell you that, too, and you are not charged. When a deal goes through, you get a confirmation email and a link to immediately print your discount voucher. I did one the very first day for a local frozen yogurt shop. I got $6 worth of frozen yogurt for $3, and my voucher is good for the next 6 months. You can buy as many of the deal as you want, but the deal disappears in 24 hours when a new daily deal is posted. I've seen deals on yoga, pottery classes, restaurants, and museum memberships, and all kinds of things. There's really something for everyone. And if you refer someone who buys their first deal, you get a referral credit in your account to use towards your next group buy. It's really neat! Here is my referral link if you want to sign up and check it out: